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Belden offers a wide selection of Cables, that suitable for a variety of control applications

Belden cables- cat 6

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    Keep your systems running with the strength of Belden's Armored Cable portfolio. With built-in crush resistance, impact protection and flexibility, these cables are also rated for chemical and water resistance. And they're extremely easy to install.
    Belden offers a large variety of products for line level audio including analog or digital cables. For recording studios, radio and television stations, sound system installations, or any multi-channel audio application, Belden also offers audio snake cables up to 32 pairs. Audio snakes are available in riser and plenum versions for permanent install, ultra-flexible for temporary installations, or waterblocked versions. Our offering will satisfy the needs of every designer and system integrator.
    Being able to deliver reliable cable performance and absolute signal integrity are crucial in the broadcast industry. Belden offers a full line of broadcast cables to address these crucial requirements, for a multitude of audiences ranging from radio/TV stations, outside broadcast vans, production companies, recording studios, post production, theater & more. Featured products include 4K UHD Video cable, SMPTE Camera cable and Tactical Fiber cable which can be deployed and redeployed.
    Belden's Coax and Triax cable portfolio is second to none. Offering a wide-range of AWGs, shielding, jacketing and armoring, there is a Belden Coax/Triax cable to suit every application. Designed for unparalleled performance in commercial and broadcast video distribution, Wireless, Satellite, CATV, CCTV and Industrial. Industry-leading products include 4K UHD Coax for 12GHz-SDI Video Distribution, and DAS Low Loss Cable for Wireless.
    99.99*% Protection from Germs All White PC plates of Crabtree Signia & their respective switch/support modules’ front facias shall come with default Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal built in polymer technology which will contain the growth & spread of harmful microbes through the human touch.(*T&C)

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